Horn Theory Articles

The following article derives the method that I am now using to model the acoustic response of front and back loaded horn loudspeaker systems. The article contains ten sections, saved in "pdf" format, for ease of reading and downloading.

  1. Introduction (revised 6/29/08)

  2. A Mathematical Model for the One Dimensional Exponential Horn (revised 6/29/08)

  3. Derivation of the Acoustic Impedance at the Mouth of a Horn (revised 7/23/17)

  4. Sound Radiation Pattern from the Mouth of a Horn (revised 6/29/08)

  5. Horn Physics (revised 6/29/08)

  6. Design of a Front Loaded Exponential Horn (revised 07/01/08)

  7. Design of a Back Loaded Exponential Horn (revised 07/01/08)

  8. Advanced Design of a Back Loaded Exponential Horn (revised 07/01/08)

  9. Conclusion (revised 07/01/08)

  10. References (revised 07/01/08)

Additional articles on Horn theory and design.

At this time new MathCad worksheets for designing front and back loaded horns are being developed. The new back loaded horn worksheets, in the MathCad Computer Models section of this website, are all that is currently available. Please do not request copies of models under development, I am unwilling to release work that is still in progress.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the documentation, I would be interested in hearing your comments.

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