MV Model 3P OB Loudspeaker Project

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This project uses the Fostex FF85WK full range driver and the Eminence Alpha 15A woofer in a relatively compact floor standing OB speaker system. The baffle measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall and is tilted back 15 degrees to fire at the listening position. The crossover is a passive 2nd order design low passed at 170 Hz and high passed at 450 Hz.

At the moment these speakers are on loan and will probably not be returned for a few months. So far the feedback about their performance has been very positive. When I get them back I will do some additional measurements, take more pictures of the final configuration, and put together a more complete write up about the design.

MV Model 3P OB Speaker System MathCad Simulation. By Martin J. King, 2/21/15

Measured In Room SPL Response

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