MathCad Computer Models : Terms and Conditions

Last Revised 2/01/14

Please Read Carefully

  1. The license fee is for one User only. The User may download the worksheets and then use any of the worksheets or documentation consistent with the type of license granted (DIY or Commercial) for as long as the worksheets function under future Microsoft Operating Systems.
  2. The worksheets may not be shared or posted on a website for downloading. The User ID and password may not be shared or posted.
  3. Results or images derived from the worksheets may be shown on websites, forums, or in technical publications only if reference is made to this website as the source of the worksheet modeling tool.
  4. The User has reviewed all of the information on the previous Models page, asked all relevant questions, and understands which worksheets are currently available. The User recognizes that the worksheets do not provide any information about optimum speaker design and only simulate the driver and enclosure geometry entered. It is understood that the quality of the results is directly related to the skill of the User and the accuracy of the inputs. No guarantees of accurate results are provided.
  5. All license fees are non refundable. Support is only provided to currently active licensed Users through my Yahoo Groups electronic mailing list.
  6. I maintain the right to discontinue distribution of these worksheets without warning or a refund if the conditions stated above are not being respected. This is a very extreme measure and I hope never to use this power again.

-I Accept these Terms and Conditions-

-I Do Not Accept Terms and Conditions-